'Say Hi To The Band' CD, Vinyl, DL May 13th, Alcopop! Records

Great Escape Coach Coach

If you're coming to The Great Escape in Brighton this weekend, we've got something a bit special in store for you. Firstly, we're playing a super awesome show at The Pav Tav along with ace bands like The Xcerts and Tall Ships, which is free before 6.30pm (details here). But on SATURDAY, we'll be doing some intimate shows just for you.... IN OUR VAN.

We'll be setting up a 'coach stop' at the entrance to the Pier, and picking people up in groups no larger than three at a time, and welcoming them into the back of the Coach van, which we're decking out with cushions and fairly lights. Once inside, you'll be given a short tour along the sea front, whilst being treated to an acoustic performance from the band! We'll be doing 8 of these little trips, and we're booking them up in advance. If you wanna get involved, just drop us a quick email with the subject 'Great Escape Coach Coach' and we'll hook you up. These shows will be every 15 mins between 12pm and 2pm.