'Say Hi To The Band' CD, Vinyl, DL May 13th, Alcopop! Records

New Single Details Announced

We're really pleased to be able to finally tell you the new AA side Stagecoach single 'Jonah Lomu / Tony Hawk' will be out 30th May on This Is Fake DIY Records. The single was recorded with the band's long-time collaborator James Kenosha.

The band have also confirmed a load more festivals, and will be announcing headline tour around the single release shortly

The single will be available as a CD/Digital with the physical coming in two versions - a basic DVD case, with computer game artwork, and a bumper pizza box edition with stickers, a poster and some extra goodies we're still working on!

Full festival schedule as follows:

April 30th - Live at Leeds
May 12-14 - The Great Escape
July 9th - Southport Rocks
July 16th - 2000 Trees
July 29th - Kendal Calling
July 30th - Leopalooza Festival
July 31st - Nozstock Festival
August 6th - Y-Not Festival
September 17th - Southsea Festival
September 24th - Underground Festival