'Say Hi To The Band' CD, Vinyl, DL May 13th, Alcopop! Records


The new Stagecoach EP 'Crash My Ride' will be out on 19th July, via Alcopop! Records. CMR was recorded with strong-of-face wunderproducer James Kenosha over two weekends in Bridlington.

According the band, 'Crash My Ride' has two meanings. Firstly, it's a drumming term, and secondly it means to sleep with your bro's woman (which we don't condone).

The tracklist is as follows:

1. Hieroglyphics
2. Good! Great! Better! Best!
3. Axe Behind my Back
4. Map To The Freezer
5. Headbangers Ball
6. Fish Tank Glow

The artwork for the release is pictured. More info about Crash My Ride, including pre-order info and where to get a copy, will be with you real soon.